As an online furniture seller, an eye-catching website is a necessity. Such a site carries the potential of attracting a high number of customers. By this, it will enhance your conversion rates transforming to increased profit levels. However, an attractive website does not come through a miracle. Instead, it is by selecting the right elements in the building process. One of the essential features of a web page is the template.

Your choice of the template will determine the appearance and layout of your site. For instance, if you pick a cosmetic instead of a furniture website template, it will be hard to convince your customers. They will confuse your furniture site with a cosmetic one. If you are seeking to start selling furniture online, here are the top 3 web templates to consider:

Furniture Store template

A clean and eye-catching template is a customer magnet. These words define what the furniture store template entails. The template comes with eight pages that allows you to upload necessary information on your store. Also, it has the unique and styled feature that enable you to attract and retain customers. You can alter the colors of your website and align them with your brands.

Also, it has a chance of adding a shopping cart. Hence, your customers will not struggle to try to transact with you.  These aspects make it a standing out template for people with a desire of driving more sales when selling furniture online.


Are you an interior design seller? If so, the Inventor should be your first consideration. This top-ranking furniture website template works well for interior design online stores. It has four homepage designs that you can pick. The template offers you an opportunity to tweak the codes and customize it to suit your desired appearance.

The good thing is you do not need any coding knowledge to do it. In regard to changing colors, there are no limitations. The template comes with an array of color choices which you can use to make your store attractive to your esteemed customers. Above all, the site is highly responsive and adaptive to screen sizes and browsers.


If navigability is your tactic for selling furniture online, ShowTime is the best web template. ShowTime is a multi-level template. This aspect enhances your furniture store navigability by allowing your customers to find their required item easily. Also, it has filtering functionalities which a customer can use to select their furniture of choice by price and brand. Hence, it is a good template for any furniture store.