Setting up the store to sell furniture online opens up new sales opportunities. You cast your net wide and can access the audience which you couldn’t in your in-store or display room. Going online enables you to become a global brand where you can sell your items to customers across the sphere. By this, you enhance your profitability levels and competitive advantage. However, it does not come with zero obstacles and challenges.

Given that you meet virtually with your clients, it is a challenge to distinguish between the genuine and fake ones. If you are not careful, your chance of falling into the hands of fraudsters is high. This article presents you with some tips on how you can avoid such instances as an online furniture dealer. Here they are:

Concentrate on the local clients

Though it is an advantage to sell furniture overseas, the step comes with an equal level of risks. Selling to international audience enhances your chance of making losses through fraud sales.  At times, a fraudster may offer you a better price and even pay a small portion. But at the end, you will incur double losses. Craigslist, a leading online market advises sellers to concentrate on local clients. According to them, this aspect helps you to avoid scammers by more than 99%. So, focus on customers within a reachable radius can work well for you and prevent losses.

Avoid falling into the trap of using customers’ recommended shipping options

Sometimes a customer will pop up a suggestion on the best way to deliver the furniture purchased to their pickup point. They will argue that you will enjoy cheaper costs and help them receive a discounted rate. Who would hate such a great opportunity? While you may think it is a chance for reducing your costs, it might be a trap to rob your properties. Following their ideas takes over your control of the goods you are shipping. Thus, the fraudster finds a greener pasture to actualize their goals. They change the shipment destination and come back seeking for a refund. In the process, you suffer both physical and financial loses.

Mind about overpayments

When selling furniture online, some fraudster will lure you into a trap through overpayments. You will easily fall through as it sounds a good idea. At a later stage, the fraudster will request a refund of a percentage excess amount. However, you may find that they paid through a fake check or stolen cards. By this, you will face the legal processes leading to more losses.